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Highlights of recent physics research from Asia-Pacific

Reported successes and failures aid hot pursuit of superconductivity

A major review on superconductivity has just been published. Based on four years of extensive research by a collaboration of researchers in Japan led by Hideo Hosono, this review provides a detailed overview of around 1000 materials.

Gulf Stream linked to ‘warm Arctic, cold Siberia’ pattern

Northwards shift in Gulf Stream alters jet stream to reduce sea ice in Barents Sea and cause cold winters in Eurasia

Powerful fibre laser is cheap and compact

Mid-infrared light source could have medical applications

Intrafraction imaging tracks tumour rotation

Kilovoltage intrafraction monitoring simultaneously estimates tumour rotation and translation during radiotherapy.

Nano-LEDS brighten nanocircuit prospects

Electrically driven nanoscale light source connects electronic and optical circuits.

MoS2 nanoflakes make good biosensors

Molybdenite can detect glucose

Microscope exploits spooky action at a distance

Entangled photons allow higher-contrast microscopy

Infrared light could create hydrogen from water

New catalyst would make more efficient use of sunlight

Kanazawa University expands molecular imaging capabilities

MILabs preclinical PET/SPECT/CT to be installed at the Advanced Science Research Center

Black hole winds stronger than expected

Research could improve black hole evolution models

Jade Rabbit wakes up from lunar sleep

Mission control still working to fix "control abnormalities"

How to optimize MRI-linac gradient coils

Simulations reveal ways to minimize electric fields and currents induced in a patient by a hybrid MRI-linac system.

Global partnership signed to expand opportunities for open access publishing in materials science

NIMS announces new collaboration with Empa to expand the open access journal Science and Technology of Advanced Materials

Tropical cyclone threat in East Asia has grown

Shift in generation sites boosts cyclone intensity over east China, Korea and Japan

Stability of quasicrystal surfaces

High-symmetry surfaces in icosahedral quasicrystals are equally stable, and the density and chemical composition are both important factors for surface stability

Rare-earth oxides for silicon-germanium quantum dot memories

Modern flash memory devices could be real alternatives to magnetic and optical storage media

NANOTEC’s Seed and Need Seminar

NANOTEC will run a Seed and Need Seminar during Nanotech 2014 in Tokyo, Japan to tell the world about nano development in Thailand.

Why 34 is the magic number for calcium

RIKEN researchers spot new nuclear magic number.

Nb-doped titania electrode helps make good solar cell

Researchers from the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics in China have used niobium-doped titania nanocrystals as the photoanode material in quantum-dot-sensitized solar cells.

Ultrasound imaging: no need to touch

Researchers reveal the feasibility of non-contact ultrasound imaging.